This is me.

By now, I hope you have concluded that my name is Sarah. Despite my jarring demeanor, I love to love people. I am a free-spirit and an over-analyzer. I like contradictions and exceptions to the rules. I drink coffee and energy drinks like water. Music is my solace. My laugh is the terrifying cross-breed of a hyena and a donkey, but I see it as a blessing because it makes other people laugh (albeit, at me). I have two left feet and a crooked smile. I have lived all over, but I currently reside in Georgia. I was brainwashed from an early age to love the Steelers, and I am just fine with that. Everyday, I have an alarm set for 11:11, color me hopeful. I have a German Shepherd that gives me unconditional love and adoration, in exchange for food. My grandfather calls me "Firecracker". I trim my nails in the bathtub because I am a (freak) mildly compulsive about toenails flying into the great unknown (...or the carpet), never to be seen again. I am a/an entrepreneur/special-fx & print make-up artist/nursing student. I am artistic. I paint things. I draw things. I create things. I clearly have trouble making up my mind. I am chronically single, shocking, I know. I write garbage things, and I hope you like to read garbage things. Occasionally, I say something deeply profound and inspirational, but you must listen very carefully.