About this blog

I think in analogies. I write in analogies. I use analogies to make sense of this crazy world we live in. Then, I write in analogies again. Occasionally, I write nonsensically, and it has nothing to do with analogies. My brain is akin to a bag of popcorn kernels that has been placed in the microwave, you never know what will pop up next.

You get where I am going with this...
As for the chosen name, "Sarah:Earth::Fish:Sky" there are a couple of explanations. As previously stated, my mind makes sense of concepts through analogies, so, it was only fitting that my blog title be an analogy that describes myself. The saying, "like a fish out of water," has always felt more familiar to me than I've cared to admit. I feel like the title describes my "interesting" self, and the way I usually feel out of place, pretty accurately. However, I am not inviting you to my pity-party. There is hope. There are flying fish.